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How to Create a Basic Wiki Site in SharePoint Online

Are you constantly worried about your data? Are you wondering how to keep it safe and where? We may have just what you’re looking for. SharePoint is a credible, versatile, and excellent tool that offers wide-ranging solutions to a plethora of problems. In fact, many companies use this advanced tool to build their resources for various tasks. In addition, they leverage this tool to seamlessly handle information management.

Many people out there constantly face difficulties going through their company’s data. If you are already familiar with the base Wiki, you understand how it can help you overcome challenges. SharePoint is also a platform that allows individuals to create a primary Wiki site in SharePoint online, but before that, you should know how to create a basic Wiki site in SharePoint online.

Having said that, if you want to create a primary Wiki site in SharePoint online, you must know how to create Wiki pages in SharePoint. Wikipedia can be a valuable site to keep your information protected and updated.

In addition, since everyone can access and edit them, your team can easily go through the Wiki page and update older data that may have changed since the last page was edited. Besides that advantage, there are plenty of other tasks you can do when you have a Wiki page, such as you can preserve technical data, training videos, cheat sheets, workers’ information, FAQs, etc.

In simple words, there isn’t a limit to the information you can keep in a Wiki.

If the benefits of having a Wiki have got your attention, you’ll be pleased to know what’s coming next. Today, we’ll teach you how to create a basic Wiki site in SharePoint.  

How Do I Create a Wiki Page Library in SharePoint Online?

Wikipedia is one of the best platforms to create a Wikipedia page for an artist, brand, or celebrity, which draws in more opportunities on different levels. This platform aims to provide a doorway for emerging artists or actors to enjoy and relish the limelight by getting their names on Wikipedia.

How to create a Wikipedia for an artist or how to create an artist profile on Wikipedia both have the same kind of complexities, so before beginning with the Wikipedia page, people should know all the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia as the platform is particular about the rules.

Before we get to the part, it’s safe to say that by the time you reach the end of this blog, you’ll be able to create and edit a Wikipedia page. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

How Do You Create a Wikipedia Page for An Artist?

If there’s one thing in common between SharePoint and Wikipedia is that both do an excellent job of saving your data and information. Wikipedia opens up a whole new level of coordination while helping individuals access critical information without needing any external source to confirm that the organization’s data is credible and up to date.

It’s also a helpful tool to have to keep your things organized and assembled. Think about it: wouldn’t it be great if all your company data was in one place and you didn’t have to sift through previous old emails or databases? Instead, you can just search your Wiki.

You can also leverage internal hyperlinks to build connections between your Wiki sites, making it a breeze to find associated data or records.

To answer your questions— how do I create a Wiki page library in SharePoint online? There are a couple of steps that have to be followed.

Here are the steps with the guidelines to create a Wiki page.

• Visit the Site Page Library

When you visit the site, you’ll see the option of a gear icon. As soon as you spot that, click on it. Now choose the site contents and site page library.

• Create Metadata

It is a primary task to create metadata at the start, as it will save you time and extra work. For setting up the metadata, visit the site page library and choose the add column and column type. Now, make your selection and then specify the label for the page.

• Create a Template

While building the Wiki site, ensure it follows a sense of uniformity in terms of layout. Creating a template page can help you ensure that, as it can provide you with a stencil to form other pages on.

Now, choose new and then the site page from the drop-down side of the menu. You also have to select the layout, so choose your desired option. Next, visit the page properties web part and click the add button. Doing so will automatically add the metadata you created earlier.

• Create the Wiki Page

As you start building the Wiki site, you must choose the template page. You will see the option of new > copy, click on that and select the template you want. Now, add the information you wish to incorporate into your created page.

Once you have finished this, click on the page details and fill out the metadata. As you are done with this, click on publish. Repeat the same steps above when you are done with all the pages for your Wiki site, and voila! You’re good to go.

How to Create a Wiki Page Library in SharePoint?

It would help if you learned how to create a Wiki page library in SharePoint. This, too, comprises several steps that need to be followed for creating a Wiki page library in SharePoint. However, they seem quite simple and are as follows:

  • Go to the site content, and you will see the “add an app” button on the screen, click on it and find out the Wiki page library. Now, click on that option and name the library. This will serve as the SharePoint classic site
  • On the site’s main page, you will see a new button. Click on it and select the app from the list. Click on the SharePoint add Wiki page library and add a new name for it. On the other hand, this will be the SharePoint modern term site or SharePoint modern Wiki page library

According to classic and modern term sites, there are also ways to create a Wiki page inside a library. Here’s how to do it both ways.

1. SharePoint Classic Site

  • Open the library and visit the page tab.
  • You will spot the button to view all pages; click on that to look at all the pages that exist in the library.
  • Choose the relevant file from the ribbon and click on the new document option.
  • Now, type the name for the new Wiki page and click on the create button.

Since you’re all done, you can save the page you just created.

2. SharePoint Modern Term Site

  • Open up the library and go to the page tab.
  • Click on the option of viewing all pages to see the existing ones in the library.
  • Now you can click on the button New with the plus icon and type your name for the new Wiki page.
  • You will see the create option on the screen; click on it.
  • After the creation, save the page.

How Do I Create a Wiki Site in SharePoint?

Besides knowing the answer to how do I create a Wiki site in SharePoint, you also need to know some tips for creating a Wiki page in Sharepoint as it allows you to create an effective site that can assist your team.

Here are some tips to remember.

Observe Content Hierarchy

This is undoubtedly an essential part of the tip, and it’s clear as day why it needs to be emphasized—there has to be a pyramid structure when building a Wiki site. The Wiki site page should be cohesive in a way that the main page will lead the user to the internal pages for more information.

• Categorize Your Content

When creating a Wiki site page, do your research on the appropriate topics and classify them. It is one of the best practices before starting a Wiki site page at SharePoint. Make sure you have a title for each page you have created, as it will make it easy to find the Wiki pages you are looking for.

Organize your topic and categorize them before assigning them; also, after setting up a board. Try not to assign only single pages, as it can complicate things and make your Wiki site look cluttered. As a result, all the topics will be mixed-up, and you will not find the content you are looking for.

• Crosslink the Articles

Another practice to employ when creating a Wiki site is to link the other articles in your Wiki site and mention specific keywords from the searched index. Keywords must be related to an existing page on the site, and be sure to add the link to it. This just makes it easy to find additional information on the keywords when needed.

Crosslinking saves employee time since they don’t have to track down the same content on the site, and it is also a great idea to create a table of content to access the internal pages easily

• Utilize Search Optimization

You must take the benefits of the search capabilities into the search point tool and try to keep Search Optimization in your mind when you develop content for the Wiki site. Keep your focus on optimizing specific keywords so that it will be easy for the employee to find the needed content.

How Do I Create a Library in SharePoint?

Before we wrap things up, let’s quickly go over the gist of it. You can follow the following steps to find the answer to your questions— how do I create a library in SharePoint, and how do I create a Wiki page in SharePoint 365?

  • Visit the team site, and create a new document library.
  • Go to the menu bar where you have to select new and then select the document library.
  • Enter your name for the new library.
  • Now select create.

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