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How to Create a Biography Page on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a treasure of information. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia better than other encyclopedias because it provides the audience with the most reliable information. People are more satisfied with Wikipedia information than other websites, and it has been proved that Wikipedia’s created the world’s largest user-generated site.


As mentioned, it’s the most generated user because anyone can access the platform, and no specific audience is bound, which means this site is not like traditional encyclopedias. More anyone can instantly be a part of this site, a global informative medium.


Wikipedia provides authentic information with the help of professional researchers and writers, and it is the most secure site where 53 million articles are published and more than 52 million pages exist. Wikipedia differs from other encyclopedias as it allows readers and publishers to read and publish their content in 304 languages globally. Anyone can gain knowledge from Wikipedia without or without having an account; the site gives its users easy accessibility options with community guidelines.


Can I create page on Wikipedia? An interesting thing about Wikipedia is that you can create a business, company, individual, autobiography, or biography page. You will know how to create a biography page on Wikipedia. You must follow some specific steps as Wikipedia has rigid rules, and the site never compromises on the authenticity and quality of the content. So, when you are set off to create a biography on Wikipedia, follow the community guidelines.

Create a Biography on Wikipedia

Before composing a biography on Wikipedia, there are two essential things to be cleared. The first one is to know the person by researching and target your audience by aiming your page; this is essential as you must be prepared before you begin any task.


To create a good biography, you have to research your subject. Having adequate knowledge or ales will be challenging to create a biography; there is a Wikipedia page creation service that can assist you with the person according to the Wikipedia guideline.

 The better information you will dig, put the page will be excellent, and it will lead you to the best-created page on Wikipedia.


When you know about your subject now, it’s easy to figure out your audience and the aim of the page. The aim of the page will lead you to research more about your audience. Before composing a biography page, ensure that whatever you have researched for your audience is credible and authentic; otherwise, the page will be rejected.

Step Guide on Wikipedia Biography Creation

Many people tend to know about how to write your own Wikipedia bio, but before writing a biography, as mentioned above that, there is a specific step guide on Wikipedia biography creation needs to follow; the detailed steps are followed below:


Wikipedia is the largest informative site globally, so you need an account to create your page on Wikipedia. Once you can on there, you can create a biography page. The process is simple, visit the Wikipedia homepage at and choose the language.

Now click on “create an account” on the top right and fill in the details on the registration form. Confirm n your email address for the verification mail and log in to your Wikipedia account.


Wikipedia is a site that provides authentic information. Hence, you must prove to the wiki authorities that you have online existence or the capabilities to get on this platform and have a biography page. You must develop notability, generate a positive reputation on the online platform, and develop credibility.

Furthermore, to prove your existence, you have to publish seven or more authentic and credible edits on the relevant types of pages and ensure that your account has to be four days old before doing the edits.


Everyone wants to keep their work in the limelight; the only way to stay there for longer is to make your work unique, as it will benefit you by capturing the audience’s and visitors’ attention. When you are setting off to choose your title for the biography, make sure that your title should be unique and seek attention in the first place. It should not be similar or exist on the site; choose a title quickly affiliated with the audience.

When you are done with the title or your biography, you can check the availability of your site via the red link. It will assist you in moving ahead in the process.


You will find an option of ‘ask for the page to be created. You have to click on it, and you will proceed further. It will show you the rules and policies of Wikipedia and all the guidelines for creating a biography page on the site.


You are on the last steps and have come a long way; now, you have to write the content for your page. The content for the page should be informative and credible for the readers; you can also practice it by editing the article, which already exists, or you can take help from the Wikipedia experts from the wiki Inc site.


Make a draft of the objective of your content in your mind. Before submitting your content, check out all the mistakes and minor errors in the content, make sure the structure and format are according to the guideline of Wikipedia, and when you are sure about having no mistakes and errors in the content, so, finalize your content.


According to the process, you have completed the steps smoothly. Now, submit your content for approval by clicking the submit button and waiting for acceptance. It will take some time because there are thousands more pages on the requests; it may take three months or six months for the approval but will not exceed more than six months.


It is part of the process of maintaining your Wikipedia page and is a responsibility. It will lead you to gain audience traffic, so you must keep refreshing your information on the page and update it with the time on the site.

How to write your own biography on Wikipedia

After creating the biography page on Wikipedia now, the question arises of how to write your own biography on Wikipedia. The structure of writing your biography is easy, but you have to make sure that the research is authentic and informative.


The introduction is referred to early life when you are writing a biography. Early life includes when and where the person is born, where they grew up, and how they spend their early life. It leads the reader to curiosity about knowing more about the person and encourages them to read more.


Life descriptions mean writing about the struggle stage of the person in detail. The challenges and what the person has done etc., write every single detail of the person.



When you are writing about a person’s personal life, make sure your personal opinions should not included in the content. People want to know about personal life, but you can only write down the person’s basic information, such as about whom they married and how many kids there are. It was a fair enough exciting element for the page of the biography.


Now, based on research, write down about education. How has the person studied, how the person made the decisions, and what are their opinions on their education? The more information you deliver, the more readers will be attracted to your biography creation.


People love this part of the biography. The information about the person’s achievements and accomplishments adds weight to the content and recognizes the person. Writing down the award the person has taken, and the achievement also justifies the person. The point of mentioning this information also gives a reason why the personality needs to be known by people worldwide.


Wikipedia appreciates it when you give information about the person and share their opinions on various topics such as philosophy, politics, or other societal issues. Sharing the person’s opinions helps the audience know more about them and gives a clear picture.


Wikipedia demands resources and references. When you are writing about a person, the research you have done about the person should mention where you have collected the information. All information from early life till the death of the person should be credible and with proper citations from verified and authentic sources. The page will be get rejected if the information consists of false facts.

Can I upload my biography on Wikipedia?

Can I upload my biography on Wikipedia? Or how to add your biography on Wikipedia?

 The article clearly explains that you can upload your biography on Wikipedia. Wikipedia page creation services can also help you through the publication process, but there are more ways. You can upload it directly to the main space, and the other way to upload a biography is to submit your biography as an article through the proper process.

How to create a Wikipedia biography

The response to the question of how to create a Wikipedia biography is already explained above with all the steps and guidelines. The creation of an account till writing the content for the biography with the policies are explained.

The summary to create a Wikipedia biography is first to create an account on Wikipedia to have access and then wait till your account gets approved. After the approval, you can write the biography with the specific guidelines.


There are many ways you can upload or publish a biography on Wikipedia. The first is to publish it directly to the main space. Furthermore, you can submit it through a proper process as articles for creation.

You have different ways to create a Wikipedia page; if you are hiring any professional writer or outsourcing to create a Wikipedia page, it depends on how they have settled their charges. Generally, the cost is between $175 to $1500.