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How to Create a Custom Wikipedia Page

Do you like to create a Wikipedia page, and you are in doubt that from where you have to start and how you will end? What if you didn’t make up according to the Wikipedia guidelines and your page or account gets rejected? With the creation of creating simple Wikipedia page, there come bundles of fear. The writer and editor sometimes face many troubles contributing to a Wikipedia page. Still, if you strictly follow Wikipedia guidelines, rules, and policies, the fear of rejection will no longer exist.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia where you can find articles in many languages, as millions of articles are published in 300 languages, and around 600 are published daily. Wikipedia is a platform where all information is fact-based and authentic; the information provided to the audience is rich quality content, relevant and unbiased. The good part of this online platform is that it provides updated information about anything and allows its readers to edit the Text upon encountering any flaw or irrelevancy.

So now the question is How to Create a Custom Wikipedia Page? The solution is simple. You must follow every instruction and policy to create a custom Wikipedia page. You can hire Wikipedia writers from The Wiki Inc as the more experienced writers will create the customer’s wiki page, the more chances to get approva


The wiki Inc is a site where you can create a custom Wikipedia page with a team of that site, and each page is created in the site pages library; there is a specific procedure to create a custom wiki page. Suppose you want to manage a separate wiki page so you can skip the procedure and create a wiki page library other than those who have attempted for the first time or faced many rejections. In that case, you can find the complete guide on creating a custom Wikipedia page in this article.

Click Settings and then click on Add an app.

  1. Click Wiki Page Library.
  2. In the Name box, type a name for the new wiki page library, such as Wiki Pages.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Click the new wiki to open it in the Contents list.
  5. To add users, Click Share in the top right of the page.
  6. In the Share dialog box, enter the names, email addresses, or the alias ‘Everyone.’ You can also enter those if you have team email aliases such as “Engineering” or any other group alias. As you enter the names, the server queries to verify the existence of the user account or alias. If you want to add users later, see Adding users to a wiki page below.
  7. Click Share to save

How To Develop and Create a Wikipedia Page

This article will clear your every doubt about creating a Wikipedia page; we will tell you how to develop and create a Wikipedia page in steps with the complete guideline and policies of Wikipedia.


The first step to being a part of any website is that you should know about the terms and policies of the site or that platform. Wikipedia is the platform where any information you are reading or publishing is credible and authentic to the people. If any irrelevant content is there, Wikipedia will reject that account or page, so if you want to create a Wikipedia page or account, you should know the policies and guidelines, such as the way of writing, notability, and approval criteria.


After the Wikipedia guidelines, you can create an account by clicking the create an account button after visiting, filling in the basic information, and setting your user’s name; your user page is ready.


Now another step is editing the existing pages to improve your editing skills. Editing skill is essential to keep your account or page updated after some time and will assist you with the autoconfirmed user level. It will help you in create or edit Wikipedia pages.


The most crucial step is to decide on your topic and do complete and brief research to deliver the audience with the most authentic content. Readers always want to know from where the information has been gathered. Put your references, links, and sources with an article on a page to inform the audience about the relevant topic.


As you have gathered the relevant information about the topic, begin by composing your article for your page or account. Make your topic outlines and put all the authentic information in your content with the guidelines. If you have any uncertainty about your writing skill, you can also hire a Wikipedia writer for your Wikipedia page.


when you are with your content, review your draft and correct all the minor and significant mistakes, and if there is any edition required, do it as per the Wikipedia guideline. After the procedure, submit your content or page, which might take a week to get approved or rejected; after the approval, you can see the updates.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page

After knowing about the steps of creating a page, there are some requirements for creating a Wikipedia page. As people talk, such as I want to create a Wikipedia page or sometimes, they show their need to have their own Wikipedia page but the guidelines of Wikipedia do not acknowledge them.

I need a Wikipedia page; this is way too simple to ask for, but if you make a minor mistake in creating a Wikipedia page, your page might get rejected, and all your time and efforts will be wasted. So, ensure to follow all the guidelines which are explained below on how to create a Wikipedia page:


The audience wants high-quality content with the best format. Google also emphasizes providing rich quality content with authentic information to the audience. For the most asked question of how to build my Wikipedia user profile, you have to ensure all the policies. Content writing of Wikipedia has a set of detailed policies and guidelines, which are mentioned below:

Writing format

The main point of writing content is free of verbosity. The content should be structured and free of promotion. If Wikipedia does not validate opinion, the content should be in a neutral tone. The information should be based on legit facts and figures your state should verify.

Validate sources

The sources you are adding to your content or the information you must have to carry out comprehensive research but remember that irrelevant or false information should not be included.

Respect privacy

Another necessary clause is to respect the privacy of whom you are working for and the integrity of a person. Even editing a Wikipedia page, you must know the policy. You should ensure that the information you add or provide does not lead to defamation of that person. You have to ensure that your information is making any controversies as it will make trouble to gain page approval.


When you are creating your Wikipedia page, imply all the rules and make sure that your page is eligible for approval or not. The content and context should be credible and optimized. Your selected topic must have a readership and authenticity.


Suppose you want an appearance of yourself on Wikipedia. In that case, you must be notable for it, or if you are creating a page for an artist or any celebrity, there should be an online reputation for creating a wiki page. You can also take help from Wikipedia page creators for creating a Wikipedia page and be in touch with SEO experts who assist you in optimizing your presence or recognition.


The topic you have decided for your Wikipedia page should be full of facts and authentic information. It would assist if you had comprehensive research on your topic or subject to make it attention-grabbing. It is essential to create exciting content so that the audience sticks to your site, giving you a more potential audience.


If you want online visibility when you create a new Wikipedia page, you must add the most searched keywords and follow the basic SEO techniques to make an online presence. SEO tools will help you increase your online reach; creating backlinks, and high-density keywords are also an essential part of SEO and will assist your online visibility.


The citation gives your business credibility and allows the readers to trust your business and company; adding proper citations to your articles is essential because an authentic resources section must cover your page’s topic. It does not qualify as social media, press releases, or corporate profiles.


Please make certain that there is no error in your content, proofread it thoroughly, and scrutinize every minor and major mistake. The content should be error-free, impeccable, and flawless.

How to Make a Wikipedia Page

After the step mentioned and explained above, your Wikipedia page is almost at the end of its creation. However, still, some crucial steps are remained to finish the procedure of how to make a Wikipedia page.

  •   Make a Wikipedia page with the following guidelines and policies, and now submit your Wikipedia page for review after being satisfied from your side. You can see a create a page option, click on that, and now you can upload your content with all the citations and references and submit it.
  • ·Your submission will take around a week for approval and get published. In case of any mistakes, the editor of Wikipedia will send it back to you for revision.

Step 1: Press the URL of the Wikipedia page you want to monitor.
Step 2: In Advanced Options, select Text Compare to track any text changes on the Wikipedia page.
Step 3: Select the frequency of checks (e.g., weekly, daily, every 30 minutes, every hour, etc.)

Thousands of collaboratively write articles on Wikipedia as a volunteer. Almost all articles and blogs have more than one writer. The easy way to know who has edited the page is to go to the history tab that will show you.

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