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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for An Author

Every author dreams of becoming a best-seller and writes in hopes that their beautiful words will receive recognition globally. Unfortunately, this goal doesn’t come easy for many of them and is often paved with obstacles. Well, it would help if these authors had some promising techniques to give them the boost needed to strive since competition is never-ending.

If you’re an author who’s battling to make their name on the internet, then getting on Wikipedia is the most excellent method to achieve that. Are you not sure if that would help? The following information about the platform’s scope will surely change your mind.

Wikipedia is home to a vast collection of scholarly articles and biographies that are available for free. With over 55 million articles, the platform draws over 1.7 billion visitors each month from all around the world. In addition, Wikipedia publishes articles in over 300 languages, indicating its incredible online reach. You’ll be surprised to know that, in total, there are 45,187,980 contributors on Wikipedia.
Are you amazed at how essential and beneficial this platform can be for an author? If the answer to that is yes, then let’s find out more about this.

How Do I Make a Wikipedia Page for An Author?

If you are thinking of how do I make a Wikipedia page for an author, just remember that Wikipedia encourages editors and authors to be vigilant while establishing pages for individuals. To meet the platform’s goal of providing original and informative content, these pages must adhere to Wikipedia’s fundamental content principles, which are:

• Verifiability

The writers must ensure that the content on the pages is accurate and verifiable and that it is fabricated or otherwise impossible to verify. Suppose the author cannot discover any sources to verify the information, even when they’re confident that the data is accurate. In that case, they will not be allowed to add it to the page. So, it’s best to add information that can easily be checked to simplify the process.

• An Unaffiliated Viewpoint

Posing a neutral point of view, sometimes referred to as NPOV, means staying objective when writing. Articles should be written and edited in a way that it doesn’t appear that the material is prejudiced. The reader should form an opinion after reading an article that should discuss all parties’ points of view. However, biased articles or pages can cloud their judgment.

• No Original Investigation

As the header indicates, Wikipedia does not support original research. It encourages authors to draw ideas from well-known and well-recognized previously published material, whether a research paper, magazine, or book, and then create content for the Wikipedia article. It is crucial to pay close attention and not go against copyrights while adding sources that any reliable publication has already published. Plagiarism, including copying and pasting, is also absolutely banned.

Does a Wikipedia Page Have an Author?

Most people doubt that a Wikipedia page has an author, that’s because thousands of articles are written collaboratively by Wikipedia contributors. So, nearly all articles have several authors, and you can find that out by clicking on the “history” tab at the top of that page.


When you’re ready to make a profile on Wikipedia for an author, there are some specific steps you must follow before creating a Wikipedia page for an author.

Step 1: Create an Account for the Author

On Wikipedia, you must set up a user account for the author. Visit and click “Create an Account” in the upper right corner to do that. You might even need to choose the language you want to use moving forward. Therefore, use a strong password and a suitable username in the account creation form.

Create a profile on Wikipedia for the authorYou need to index the appropriate data before developing a user page. Writers must have a user page before contributing to Wikipedia since it proves their involvement on the site and boosts their reputation. Therefore, even if your goal is to build an author Wiki page, you must first participate in the platform by altering the articles that have already been published.

Step 2: Review the Rules and Policies of Wikipedia

You must first review the policies and criteria for creating an author page on Wikipedia before you can start writing your page. Every writer must meticulously adhere to the platform’s rules for their work to be authorized.

Step 3: Check the Uniqueness

The author you are about to cover should be unique on the Wikipedia platform, so check that. To verify that, put the name in the “Requested Article” search box.

You must be familiar with the Red Link and Blue Link approaches to comprehend how the search box functions. The red link indicates the author is distinct, so you may write about them after inputting the name. On the other hand, a blue link means the author already has a page.

Step 4: Research the Information About the Author

Now that your author is qualified and distinctive enough to have a page on Wikipedia, you must start your study. The most trustworthy information should be gathered from renowned and respectable websites. Explain thoroughly and stick to the facts to give your article greater authority.

Step 5: Write the Page for An Author

The crucial stage begins now—write the page for an author. Your page’s content should be simple to grasp, so it shouldn’t be wordy. It would help if you had no conflicts of interest with the topic you are about to address since you might need help to do it well. There should be no bias, and the facts should be presented impartially. You must remember that you are providing facts, not making a pitch for the individual. Therefore, avoid speaking highly of them; just stick to the facts.

Step 6: The SEO Optimization

Writing high-quality content is only part of being a Wikipedia contributor; you must also be aware of effective SEO strategies. Try incorporating key phrases throughout your article. There must be components that can improve its search engine performance. The regulations of Wikipedia are more comparable to those of search engine algorithms. In this manner, the published article gains prominence on the internet. So, to achieve better results, adhere to all SEO tactics.

You can also include connections to your author’s website in the external link area if you are concerned about the non-promotional parts. Do-follow links, links that promote Wikipedia’s content online, are not permitted. However, you may add the websites you wish your viewers to visit in the external link field

Step 7: Format Your Content

The next step is to format your text correctly. You must also adhere to the correct SEO standards here. To make your information readable, you must structure it properly. Keep your paragraphs to a maximum of four to five lines in length. To further clarify the content, use subheadings.

That’s because individuals surfing the web have the lowest attention spans and often just scan a page rather than read every bit. Make sure to structure your text correctly, and remember to include images as relevant photos will aid in directing visitors to your page.

Step 8: Add Citation

Include accurate citations in your writing. The Wikipedia standards state that indexing references are a must. Every link has to be double-checked for validity and verifiability. In the Wikipedia rules, you may discover the appropriate citation styles. The most popular citation style is Harvard Style, but you can take your pick.

Step 9: Proofread

You must read through your text to look for errors. To check for grammatical mistakes, you can utilize cutting-edge technologies. While proofreading, pay close attention to the sentence patterns and look for any typing flaws in it. It’s critical to check for errors since the official editors will reject your work and question your trustworthiness if they spot any.

Step 10: Submit Your Page for Approval

To submit your article for approval, go to your account and select the “make a page” option from the list of options on the left. The clearance process might take up to three to four months. You will receive a link to your article after it has been published, and that is how the creation of a Wikipedia page for authors is done.

Create An Account for the Author on Wikipedia

To create an account for an author on Wikipedia, you must know the Guidelines and policies, which are the following three things to consider.

• The Form of Writing

The second consideration is the writing style that Wikipedia has endorsed. Here, you need to make sure your article’s meaning is clear. It should have a clear message and non-promotional information. You must refrain from including biased or controversial material in your post.

• Materials From Research

The data should be gathered from reputable and trustworthy sources. It should be simple to validate every reference. Your article should only contain verified and reliable facts and statistics. You must be conscious of the authority and value of the website you are mentioning.

• Prevent Vandalism

Vandalism must be avoided because the platform completely ignores it. Those that participate will always be unable to access their accounts. When an editor or writer publishes irrelevant or false material about published writers, they engage in defamation. Take assistance from The Wiki Inc.’s writers and editors to avoid any slander.

Create An Account for an Author on Wikipedia

Creating an account for an author on Wikipedia can be accomplished if you follow all the above steps with the respective guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. Besides getting the benefit of being a credible and authentic user of Wikipedia, you will gain online recognition and a positive reputation.

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A subject cannot have a Wikipedia article unless several reputable publications have covered it. These works will serve as references at the bottom of Wikipedia articles.

Yes, there is. This process shortlists the Wikipedia article content based on quality, originality, and notability and then settles on if the page will be approved or rejected. Wikipedia encourages and appreciates the endeavors of contributors to write and publish their content for review.

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