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How To Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

Wikipedia is an online platform that helps people gain knowledge and also helps to make a recognition of an individual or your company or organization. If you want online recognition about yourself, you should know how to create a Wikipedia page for yourself, although it is not as hard as it seems to be if you follow all the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a highly editable platform in the online space, a fantastic encyclopedia where millions of contributors work, and more than 1.7 billion visitors per month visit this platform for their concerns. Many people ask, can we create a Wikipedia page about myself? So, the answer is yes because over 55 million articles have been published. Wikipedia has become the most visited website.

As mentioned above, if you want to create a Wikipedia page for yourself and want your page to get approved, you must learn what to do and avoid while creating a Wikipedia page yourself. The guideline mentioned below will help you to compose a well-versed Wikipedia page of yourself.

How to make a Wikipedia page for yourself

How to make a Wikipedia page for yourself? We will briefly guide you through the step-by-step process of creating your Wikipedia page.

Step 1: Create a Wikipedia profile about yourself

Let’s begin with the creation of a Wikipedia page. Go to the link and click on the top right corner where create account button is. Fill in your essential credential and mention a username, don’t forget to turn on the notification to get updated.

Now create a user page to get access, edit other articles for the practice, and contribute to Wikipedia. Compose an article of your own.

Step 2: Read the Wikipedia guideline

Wikipedia contains its respective policies, and to have access to this platform, everyone has to stick to the rules of Wikipedia. The basic policies of Wikipedia are that the tone of the content on your page should be neutral and valuable for the readers. Wikipedia advises writers to compose relevant and unbiased content that will increase readership.

Step 3: content should be unique

make a Wikipedia article about yourself on your Wikipedia page with the uniqueness of the subject; you can check the uniqueness of your subject by mentioning your subject title in the requested article search box. It is essential to check the uniqueness. Otherwise, your stives will be wasted if presented already, and Wikipedia will not allow you to publish your article on your Wikipedia page.

Step 4: A comprehensive research

Make sure to create content for your page that must be unique and valuable. Before creating the page, you should do comprehensive research about your subject that readers find exciting, and your target should be that the reader found the page enough to garner attention.

Wikipedia policies include the content being relatable to the subject, allowing irrelevant information, and not supporting false facts. Wikipedia’s essential aspect is creating a dedicated page for a dedicated audience and readers.

Step 5: Write about yourself.

There is a specific format for different subjects, such as a business page requiring different content and an autobiography and biography requiring different content. That is how to answer your question, can I make a Wikipedia page for myself?


So, when you are set off to write about yourself on the Wikipedia page, add the basic information about yourself, and all career goals and achievements must be mentioned. It is suitable to add references and external links in your content to give exposure to the reader about the information you have mentioned or added on the page.

Step 6: Optimize content

Everyone wants to see the visibility of their page on the top-ranked. There is a way to increase the search engine visibility of your Wikipedia page by optimizing your content. The essential aspect is to organize the most search keyword in your content and then add the keywords with top search rates.

Another way is to add external links to your content of any credible newspaper, magazine, or original book. It will lead the page to more weightage as per the google criteria. It will also help the other sources to get known or read by the audience and boost your overall online recognition.

Step 7: Format your Wikipedia page

If you are emphasizing how to get a Wikipedia about yourself, a descriptive biography should be according to the policy of Wikipedia. In that case, Wikipedia page content should be formatted such as all the sections of your page must be appropriately categorized with an expanded description and details.

The information you are providing on your Wikipedia page should be sequenced from the personal life till the death of the person, and you have to mention the person’s point of view on various things, then the details about the work, career, and achievements. End your content with authentic references and citations.

Step 8: Links and citations

As we are talking about adding external links, know about it. Every reader wants to know whether their reading content is credible and authentic. Moreover, google and Wikipedia are online platforms that deliver ample comprehensive to the reader to satisfy them and help them find the details about the searched subject.

External links lead your page to a higher rank and will help to enhance the overall online recognition and search visibility of your Wikipedia page. Now you have to refer your Wikipedia page to the citation policy for specific format availability.

Step 9: Proofread and edition

The doubt in your mind about whether should I make a Wikipedia page for myself? You will be cleared after you are done with the above step and come to the proofreading and edition stage, as you will learn about your qualities and mistakes in creating a Wikipedia page.

You must prepare your content professionally and ensure it is flawless, which is essential to edit and proofread. The rich quality and readable content show the dedicated efforts behind creating the Wikipedia page.


Millions of editors are active and work on Wikipedia to improve the content and ensure the audience high and rich quality content. As there are many editors, you can hire an editor to edit your Wikipedia page. There is another option of Wikipedia page creators who can create your Wikipedia page and assist you in how to make a Wikipedia article about yourself.

Step 10: Submission and approval

After all the steps are done, submit your Wikipedia page for approval, which takes six months to get approved or rejected. They will inform you via email, and if the page gets rejected, it will be sent back to you for revision.

Can you make your own Wikipedia page about yourself?

If you have read the article thoroughly, you will get your answer, “can you make your own Wikipedia page about yourself?” A summary for the audience who are willing to create their own Wikipedia page is that yes, you can, but you own to go after the rules and policies of Wikipedia step by step.

How do you get a Wikipedia page about yourself?

There is always a way for any work, don’t worry about how you get a Wikipedia page about yourself. Because we are here with the most uncomplicated five tips by which you can quickly get your Wikipedia page.

  • Go through community instructions before creating a page.
  • Get many people involved in building your page.
  • Create content that resonates with a large audience.
  • Make the readers feel more involved.
  • Hire a marketing agency to compose and maintain your page.

Create a Wikipedia page for yourself

When you want to create a Wikipedia page, all you need to do is create an account on Wikipedia and then add the retable article on your page; if you get registered and signed in to users so you can now create pages and like this, you can also create a Wikipedia page for yourself.

Wikipedia page can be modified and edited by anyone, but it’s attributed to their IP address, so it’s essential to be registered.

Can I make a Wikipedia page about myself?

Can I make a Wikipedia page about myself? Anyone can make a Wikipedia page for themselves, but something should be avoided while creating a wiki page and writing about yourself.

  • The content you are providing to the audience should be positive
  • The content tone should be neutral. No personal points of view should be mentioned.
  • Information should be authentic
  • No kind of unverifiable links or sources should be added.
  • The content should be formatted.

As per the policy of Wikipedia, there are things to remember while creating a Wikipedia page for yourself; you must follow these fundamental guidelines.

• Notability

for whom you are creating a Wikipedia page should have a notable personality or recognition on the internet. You can clarify this by SEO tools as this is essential to get on Wikipedia. It will clarify two critical things, one of which is the authenticity and the other is how the content will attract the audience, which is highly imperative.

• Writing Style

the format is also an essential part of creating a Wikipedia page. It consists of certain aspects. The writing style should be in a neutral tone, the structure of the sentences should be proper, and grammar and font should be accurate. Moreover, the content should be in a playful tone and try to avoid verbosity.

• Reliable Sources

The external links which you are adding to your content should be verified, and the sources should be credible for the readers

You can, but you shouldn’t. Wikipedia rules say that you should not compose your own Wikipedia page. Doing so would be a conflict of interest.

Wikipedia pages get written by people like you! They press ‘edit’, share their knowledge, and donate the text to the community. Other people will then add and improve the text.