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Who can create a Wikipedia page for me

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and one of the leading editable platforms on the internet. Having millions of contributors from around the world and over 1.7 billion visitors per month, this platform is one that everyone knows about and is surely used it too.

Considering the widespread reach of the platform, your mind is probably just thinking about one thing—can I create a Wikipedia page for myself? If you want to create a Wikipedia for yourself, there are some crucial aspects and guidelines for a Wikipedia page about yourself.

Are you curious to know who can create a Wikipedia page for me? The answer is pretty straightforward—literally, anyone can create a Wikipedia for you. In fact, you can do it yourself too.

Not sure if you? Here’s the 10-step guide for you.

Step 1: Create Your Account

  • Go to the link
  • Tap on the “Create Account” button.
  • Add the detail with a suitable username
  • Turn on the notifications in condition to stay updated.
  • Confirm your account with the email.
  • Log in and start editing articles or compose one of your own.

Step 2: Go Through the Guidelines

Wikipedia has its policies for different creating pages. So, before creating a page on yourself, you should know about the policies of writing about biography. The only problem is that since you’re writing about yourself, it is hard to keep the tone neutral. However, you need to work on this, as Wikipedia has strict policies in this regard. Your content will be rejected if you will not follow the guidelines.

Step 3: The Subject Should Be Unique

Sometimes, the content you are writing and want to publish already exists. To avoid such occurrences, you must enter your page title in the requested article search box. Ideally, the subject should be unique; otherwise, your hard work and efforts will go down the drain, as Wikipedia never allows the same title to be worked on.

For additional help, you can also hire professional Wikipedia writers for your page from The Wiki Inc, as we will provide you with unique and flawless page creation.

Step 4: Comprehensive Research

As mentioned above, the content should be unique, so make sure the information you provide to your audience is valuable and worth reading. To make your content valuable, your Wikipedia page should be supported by facts, and no information should be irrelevant. Be specific with your research to create a well-versed Wikipedia page.

In addition, your research should be accurate, as reliability and credibility are essential aspects. You may create a Wikipedia page for anyone, but avoid adding information that is not confirmed or verified.

Step 5: Write Wikipedia Page About Yourself

There is a specific format to write on Wikipedia about yourself, so when you begin to write Wikipedia, be mindful to follow the format. When doing so, you have to add basic information about yourself, your career goals, and your work achievements.

As the readers want authentic information, it will also benefit you and your audience if you include references and give external links to make another avenue for the readers.

Step 6: Optimization

If you want to make your content or page rank higher and improve its search engine visibility, you can use keywords and optimize your content. This is also an easy yet effective way to gain the audience’s attention and ensure they click on your page.

You can also add external sources on your page as authentic online magazines or newspaper sources linked to the page or content. This is the best way to kill two birds with one stone— boost your overall online recognition and back your information up with credible sources.

Step 7: Formation of Your Wiki Page

Anyone can create a Wikipedia user account and write an article, but the formatting is where things can go wrong. When you are making a Wikipedia page, it needs to read well and be categorized respectively. Your early life, career, jobs, organizations you worked for, and every description and detail till your death should be mentioned accordingly to the guidelines of Wikipedia.

Step 8: Purpose of External Links and Citation

Just like Google, Wikipedia also wants to provide an all-inclusive source to its audience and to prove to them that their research is precise, which is that’s why Wikipedia is particular about reference. According to this platform, all pages need to have citations and external links that illustrate the sources from where they’ve used information.

It also helps the reader find more comprehensive information and gives them leverage because it increases search visibility. Like the other guidelines, you must follow Wikipedia’s citation policy and the respective formats.

Step 9: Proofreading

Once you’ve drafted your content, before you rush and click the submit button, it’s critical to proofread what you’ve written. We know this can seem exhausting, but there’s no way around it because even a minor mistake can lead to page rejection. So, it’s best to be safe.

Thankfully, you can keep things simple with the help of advanced tools and professional Wikipedia writers, as they can help scrutinize your content or page to omit errors. This will also help improve overall readability and correctness; editing and proofreading your content is essential for maintaining quality

Step 10: Submission and Approval

When you are done with your Wikipedia page, review it, and submit it. Wikipedia pages take almost six months to get approved or rejected, and you will be informed via email. If you get the approval, you’ll have the answer to your question— can you make a Wikipedia page for anyone? Now upload your content on your Wikipedia account whenever you want with references and citations.

Who Creates Wikipedia Pages On People?

Anyone can create Wikipedia pages for people. Mostly professional Wikipedia writers create Wikipedia pages for anyone. This platform has strict rules and policies, so before writing or creating Wikipedia pages for anyone, there are things you should avoid adding to your content.

If you’re creating a Wikipedia page for anyone, you should write valuable and credible content to increase readability by following the rules. For instance, Wikipedia instructs writers to write with a neutral tone and stay relevant and unbiased.

Some specific problems related to Wikipedia writing that should be avoided on Wikipedia pages are listed below:

  • The writing should be positive
  • No information should be included which is false
  • Avoid information that is not notable
  • Unverified links and reference


If you are creating a Wikipedia page for anyone, check if the person you are writing about is notable in the online space. You can leverage SEO tools to find out about the people you are writing Wikipedia pages.

The content should be notable, and the most crucial thing which should be clarified is that it should be authentic and appealing.

Writing Format

Creating Wikipedia pages for people is a complex task. You have to write valuable statements with trustable sources in your content. The writing style should be in accordance with Wikipedia guidelines. Some examples include writing content in an active voice with the perfect structure of sentences to provide a specific message to the reader or audience.

Your content’s writing style should not be based on verbosity and should not mislead the audience with false concepts and information.

Reliable Sources

When you are adding external links or mentioning reference sources, ensure the verifiability of the source you’ve collected information from on your Wikipedia page. The sources must be traceable, or the Wikipedia page will get removed instantly.

Respect Privacy

While you’re following all formatting and structuring rules, make sure to avoid victimization and respect the subject’s privacy. When making a Wikipedia page for anyone, the information you are writing must be relevant and shouldn’t breach anyone’s privacy. That’s why Wikipedia it’s safe to stick to a neutral point of view.

Who Does One Hire to Write Wikipedia Pages?

Wikipedia is the largest online site where people can find information about anything from around the world. That’s why people will go above and beyond to create their pages on Wikipedia. Moreover, the pressure to do it right urges some individuals to hire professional writers.

In fact, countless individuals contact The Wiki Inc when they can’t do it themselves. So, if you can’t create your page yourself, you can trust us for the job. Doing so can help you drastically as we have an amazing client satisfaction rate, and we deliver credible content.

Can I Pay Someone to Create a Wikipedia Page?

Some people and sometimes companies offer to create or make Wikipedia articles and pages in return for payment.

So,  if you’re wondering if “can I pay someone to create a Wikipedia page?” the answer is yes, you can. If you’re searching for such professionals, your search ends here as The Wiki Inc is just what you need.

We’re recognized for offering the best Wikipedia writing services with affordable packages. Get in touch with us for details.

Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation does not pay these editors. Their works, be it writing or editing, are considered a contribution on behalf of a third party, such as an employer or client.

In Wikipedia, there are detailed explanations of these policies and guides for new contributors in the section Wikipedia: Contributing to Wikipedia. You should study these carefully before attempting to write a page to avoid the frustration of seeing a page deleted. You could also contact us, and we’ll walk you through these.

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