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Generally, we only take orders that fulfill the Wikipedia Notability requirement, so you don’t have to invest any effort or money in figuring out whether your business or brand is eligible or not. If you don’t meet the notability criteria and still want a wiki page for your brand, we offer affordable and customizable packages. Contact us to avail this amazing opportunity.

There are certain issues and subjects which are considered unacceptable by Wikipedia as it is an online encyclopedia. As stated by Wikipedia, “Wikipedia incorporates elements of general and specialized encyclopedias, almanacs, and gazetteers. Wikipedia is not a soapbox, an advertising platform, a vanity press, an experiment in anarchy or democracy, an indiscriminate collection of information, or a web directory. It is not a dictionary, newspaper, or a collection of source documents.”

Yes! We are offering you services from qualified Wikipedia experts. As any central authoritative body does not control Wikipedia, it is quite possible that your wiki page might get flagged, rejected, or removed wrongly. In any such case, we at The Wiki Inc make necessary changes to your page content. If nothing works, we ensure complete and successful reimbursements.

If you have signed up for our maintenance and monitoring services, we ensure that changes are monitored and checked. We make sure that the edit is relevant and is not just a malicious attempt by your competitors to tarnish your image.

We guarantee a successful and full refund. If we can’t make your page live on Wikipedia even after our ceaseless efforts, we will pay back the fee in full. However, a full refund is applicable only if your page gets deleted within 25 days of completion of the period chosen services of The Wiki Inc.

No company or individual can edit any wiki page, restricts competitors from making wrong edits, and adding misinformation to defame the brand’s reputation. Wikipedia has banned many individuals and brands for violating this strict policy of the platform.

Wikipedia states, “If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Wikipedia, ignore it.” The Wiki Inc updates and edits the page content as the outsourcing company in order to avoid any rule violation.

Yes, the page created is yours. We don’t publish any information regarding our collaborators and clients. Since Wikipedia doesn’t support any promotional content, a neutral tone is vital. All articles must have credible citations, or else they will be deleted.

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