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Wikipedia Page Creation

Having your own Wikipedia page is not a small thing. It’s a platform that’s used by millions of people across the world every day and is one of the most credible out there. If there’s anything that you want to know about a certain topic or individual, clicking on their Wikipedia link is what most would do.

Having a Wikipedia page means that you or your brand will instantly pop up on the first search engine results page, making you more discoverable and the more people know about you, of course, the more they’re going to trust you. So, when you sign up for a Wikipedia page, you give your brand a chance to grow further and its achievements to be acknowledged by the public!

Wikipedia Page Editing

A Wikipedia page gives you a lot of exposure and recognition, but at some point, the information accessible to the public becomes outdated. And of course, you want people to stay up to date and know about your accomplishments and achievements. But with tough Wikipedia guidelines, it’s near impossible to make changes yourself successfully

There are guidelines that you need to abide by, information needs to be phrased a certain way and how is a layman supposed to know any of that? In trying to make changes yourself, you can actually end up causing more harm to your page, which can even lead to the page being locked or worse, deleted. That’s where The Wiki Inc comes in. All you have to do I just tell us the edits that you’d like to make and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Wikipedia Page Management

If you’re having trouble with unwanted changes on your pages, false information, or anything of that sort, having an individual dedicatedly monitoring your page can be quite helpful. We’ll make sure that your page stays exactly the way it should and if anyone attempts to make any inaccurate changes, you can be sure that we’ll handle it accordingly.

With industry saturation and unprofessional competitors, it’s not uncommon to find the wrong content on your page and sometimes, people can go to great lengths to stop you from doing it. And with your page receiving hundreds of views a day, inaccurate information can really damage your brand and create the wrong kind of impression for you.

Wikipedia Page Translation

What if you’re an entrepreneur who’s not just known locally but internationally as well? That’s where translating your Wikipedia page comes in. No matter what language it is, you know that we can do it all. Our team of experts is equipped with researchers that know exactly how to back up your page with references so that it stays up and running for a life time!

Whether it’s translating a page from English or to English, either way, you’ll be able to reach more of your target audience and gain the exposure and recognition that you’re looking for.

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Our Clientele Speaks For Itself

Jenna Bose

PR Manager

Working on behalf of a widely known serial entrepreneur, our team was finding it quite difficult to make them more discoverable and recognized for their achievements. But with The Wiki Inc, we not only got the results that we were looking for, but the team went above and beyond to make sure that everything was done our way.

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