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8 Steps in Making an Article in Wikipedia

Are you fond of writing articles but are worried about where to publish them? Because sometimes, you can write and talk about your company, product, service, or even yourself, such as an autobiography or biography. However, you still don’t find an authentic platform to publish it. Sometimes you even find a forum, but you find it challenging to post there because of the procedure and policies of that platform.


Wikipedia is a platform where your article can be published, your dream of making a perfect Wikipedia page can be fulfilled, and you will find the potential audience. Wikipedia is a giant encyclopedia where you can find every article on any topic; this platform never fails to answer any question. You can know the importance of this platform by searching anything in the search bar, so you will see Wikipedia pop up at the top of Google. Wikipedia is the most credible and authentic site, as the contributors who work on it are too devoted to their work. 

How to Write a Wikipedia Article

It is the site from where you can gain any information for free, and this site is accessible to anyone; Wikipedia also instructs their user about creating a Wikipedia page if they are willing or want to write a Wikipedia article. Knowing the guidelines of Wikipedia is essential as this site is strict towards its policies and instantly rejects any work that is not according to the guidelines. Before writing a Wikipedia article, you must know how to format a Wikipedia article.

According to research, Wikipedia carries forward the aim with more than 55 million articles and 52 million reliable pages. Wikipedia is one of the online platforms that provide availability of more than 300 languages worldwide and is not restricted to one language to gain any knowledge. The site offers the opportunity to their user to choose a language of their own choice as there is the option of national and regional languages. You must know How to write a Wikipedia article because Wikipedia only allows authentic information and credible content, as this site is famous for its authenticity.

How to create a Wikipedia page step by step

There are few articles where you can learn how to create a Wikipedia page step by step, so we are here to make you know about every step in detail with the Wikipedia guidelines and policies. If hiring someone to write a Wikipedia page, ensure they have the potential and skills, and they must know all the rules of creating a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is where you have to provide the most authentic information because this platform is considered the fifteen most visited site in the world and has more than 22 billion views. The audience of Wikipedia trusts the site because of the easy accessibility and as this platform is free to use. This platform is used for every niche for anyone. Students can be assisted through the site in their studies, a business person can also learn their work strategies, a company can have online recognition, and many more like these can take the benefits.

If anybody is willing to create a Wikipedia page but wonders how they would do it, this can help them, which is 8 Steps in Making An Article In Wikipedia. You have to follow all the steps according to the instruction. If you do not follow the guidelines, Wikipedia will take no time and instantly reject your article.

Steps to create a Wikipedia account

The significant 8 Steps in Making An Article In Wikipedia are explained here; read it thoroughly and follow all the easy steps to create a Wikipedia page.


As mentioned before, Wikipedia doesn’t allow any random information, so you must work on your research and have a genuine reason for writing for a Wikipedia page. The basic things you must have the answer for are that your Wikipedia page will benefit the readers, whether your subject is unique enough for the site, and whether your content will be understandable. So, make sure that these types of questions contain valid answers.

Also, one must have complete knowledge of the community guidelines before proceeding with anything. Since Wikipedia is a user-generated website, you cannot add or write anything without following the guidelines and rules. Wikipedia follows strict policies for page acceptance and creation; if you want to approve a page, you must abide by every policy it states.


This is the initial essential step if you need complete access to any site or know about it, how it works, and how to use it. You must have to sign up there, same as this for Wikipedia; You have to create your account. You have to enter all the required information, such as your username and so on.

 If you are confused about this process, we provide detailed steps for creating a Wikipedia account.


These steps will help you create your Wikipedia account; the steps to create a Wikipedia account are not so tricky so let’s begin with the initial stage.

  1. Visit the homepage of Wikipedia
  2. Choose your language for the further creation process
  3. Click on the “create account” option
  4. Fill in all the required details in the registration form
  5. Confirm your account via email
  6. Go back to the homepage and log in again



After creating the account on Wikipedia, the next step is to generate a positive online reputation for the site. Wikipedia demands credibility and notability, so creating notability on the platform is necessary. It will help in other things, such as creating a backup link for the page, leading the carrier to validation, and leading toward acceptance.

This process is easy because after creating the Wikipedia account, you can edit the existing Wikipedia article; the new user must edit at least seven to ten pieces with the proper citation and referencing. After this, Wikipedia will make the user auto-conformed. Not even editing, you can also write articles on multiple personalities on different platforms such as mediums. Building a positive reputation is essential because it enhances the chances of Wikipedia page acceptance, as Wikipedia loves the one with the higher notability.


The topic you select for your Wikipedia page must be unique and not exist already on the site; Wikipedia wants new information, a new matter from its user, so generate a particular topic and further information to provide to the audience.

Now you are probably thinking about how to check that your topic does exist or not on Wikipedia, so you don’t have to worry because there is a way to check the uniqueness of the issue, which is the red link method from which you can avoid the inconvenience and make sure to check the availability of the topic. After all, how to add a Wikipedia page if your case exists? Wikipedia will not allow you to publish it again.


the way of red link is easy, and you will see the availability of the title:

  1. Open Wikipedia
  2. Now click on the search bar
  3. Enter your proposed title or topic
  4. Now the screen will show you whether the availability of the subject is there or not
  5. If you see the red link, that means the page or that title does not exist


This is one of the most straightforward steps in Wikipedia page-making. You have to click on the ‘ask for the page to be created’ present beside the red link.


As you know, your title does not exist, so now you have to create the page; you can also hire any expert or professional to make the page. This creation is started from the following window, which will show you the policies of Wikipedia. Further, you will also see the option of ARTICLE WIZARD, where you have to write the created content in the box provided. Afterward, you can move toward the next step.


Finally, we are almost done with the creation of the Wikipedia page. The last step is to submit the Wikipedia page for approval, but before submitting it, check all the errors and mistakes. Remove all the minor and significant mistakes from the article, and then submit the page when you are done with the review and proofreading.


Remember, it is not enough only to create a Wikipedia page. You will have to continually update it to keep the information authentic and reliable for the users.


If you want to edit a Wikipedia page or be an editor, you have to practice editing the existing Wikipedia article on Wikipedia. The procedure of existing articles on Wikipedia is here are steps to edit a Wikipedia page; follow the steps as instructed: 

  1. Click on the accessible Wikipedia page
  2. Now click on the edit options button, which is on the top right
  3. Write the content that you have edited in the “Wikitext” box
  4. Preview all the changes
  5. In the end, click on the publish button and submit the changes you have done

Wikipedia is an authentic site; anyone can edit nearly any page and become an auto-conformed user. The one who has edited is known as a Wikipedia editor. You have to know all the guidelines of Wikipedia before editing any article, must have to follow all the steps of editing.

Creation is simple: you will be transported to a blank page upon clicking a red link. Once there, enter your text now click the Publish changes button. After creating a Wikipedia account and knowing about the uniqueness of your title, you can easily create your Wikipedia page.