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How to Get a Wikipedia Page Made for You

Many of us often think we know it all, but the truth is far from that. Despite having vast knowledge of various topics and concepts, there’s a lot we’re still not familiar with. However, we can always use various resources like an encyclopedia to turn that around.


An encyclopedia is a reference work offering knowledge and information on comprehensive subjects and branches. Initially, when surfing the internet wasn’t a common practice, we used to depend on bulky encyclopedias to enhance our knowledge.


However, times have changed and thanks to all the technological advancements, things are far simpler. Now, you don’t have to look for encyclopedias; all you have to do is fire up your computer or laptop and visit Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free virtual encyclopedia that allows millions of individuals globally to learn more about various subjects.


Interested in learning about a branch of science? Want to look up an actor? Need increased visibility on the web? Wikipedia is your one-stop solution! From helping you learn more about a business, topic, or person to improve your online visibility, Wikipedia is perfect and offers it all.


So, if you want to make the most of Wikipedia, you’ve found yourself in the right place. In this blog, we’ll guide you on how to get a Wikipedia page made for you.

How to Get Your Own Page On Wikipedia

Having a Wikipedia page of yourself can be quite beneficial for you, especially if you want the public to know you better and share a little sneak peak of all the milestones you’ve achieved. For instance, millions of individuals around the world get up close and personal on their Wikipedia pages. They put their professional and personal life out for the world to explore through a Wikipedia page.


Now that you understand how valuable this can be, you’re probably wondering how to get your own page on Wikipedia, right? Well, we’ve got your back.


There are various ways you can get a Wikipedia page made, however, most individuals often choose between two options:

  1. Create a Wikipedia page by yourself
  2. Hire professional Wikipedia writers to get a Wikipedia page made

Method 1: How to Get a Wikipedia Page About You

One of the most common answers to how to get a Wikipedia page about yourself is to create one yourself. Amongst the countless pros of using Wikipedia is it offers every individual free access to create a Wikipedia page. So, you don’t have to stress about how to get your own page on Wikipedia, it’s a simple task.


Let’s walk through the steps of how to get a Wikipedia page.

1. Get Familiar with the Guidelines of Wikipedia

Wikipedia has a bunch of guidelines that individuals need to abide by to get their Wikipedia page made. By following these rules, you can ensure your Wikipedia page doesn’t face any issues during the approval process.


Therefore, thoroughly go through the regulations and dot down important guidelines to avoid missing any point.

2. Create a Wikipedia Account

After running through the Wikipedia policies, head to the homepage to create a Wikipedia account. Once you’re on the homepage, look at the top right and you’ll spot a “create account” option. Click that and add your details to the form.


Confirm your email and voila! Your Wikipedia account is ready to use!

3. Gather Your Information

We know this may sound confusing since you already know everything about yourself, but you need to filter it out. To get your Wikipedia page made, you must put together all the valuable information you want your Wiki page to feature.


Having said that, your Wikipedia page must feature accurate information, so don’t rush through the process. Take things slow and draft all the relevant data about you. To streamline things, pull out a notebook and list things down, ensuring you don’t skip out on a significant piece of information.

4. Keep the Notability Test in Mind

Wikipedia pages are available all around the globe, which means the platform needs to follow a rigorous process before approving a page. That’s why there’s a notability test, which checks the notability of your page. So, if you’re Wiki isn’t notable or relevant enough, it won’t be published.


So, make sure you keep the content relevant while drafting your page and adding information.

5. Proofread the Content

Once you’ve included all the information on the page, take a few minutes to thoroughly go through it. Here’s the time when you get rid of fluff, inappropriate or incorrect information. Once you’re done, you can submit the page.

6. Approval or Rejection

Wikipedia has an expert team that evaluates every page submitted by individuals. It’s their responsibility to review these pages and determine if the info is top-notch. If the page meets this criterion, it is instantly approved and published.


However, if the data goes against the policies or guidelines, it gets rejected. Once your page gets published, you can keep maintaining it as needed. So, if there’s a change in your life that you’d like to add to the page, you can edit it.

How to Get a Wikipedia Page

If you’re not interested in creating a Wikipedia page yourself, you could always reach out for professional help. Various reputable companies and businesses are offering such services. In simpler words, these companies have a team of expert Wikipedia writers who create Wiki pages for their clients.


So, they won’t just create a page for you but will also ensure it meets the guidelines and contains relevant content. They also offer editing services, which means as the page needs edits, these experts will cater to them.

What You Need to Know to Get a Wikipedia Page Published

Once you create a page and submit it for approval, things can get pretty complicated. You may often find yourself asking the question, ”what you need to know to get a Wikipedia page published?” Well, the answer to that is as simple as ABC: there’s not a lot but the basics.


As mentioned, Wikipedia is a massive platform and an encyclopedia to a sea of users from different parts of the globe. This global usage makes it vital for Wikipedia to retain its relevancy. Not to forget, the pages are constantly being updated by various individuals. So, the pressure to ensure that the users come across precise and accurate content is intense.


As a result, this factor plays an imperative role in getting a Wiki page published. So, a primary aspect that comes into play during this publication phase is following community guidelines and policies. The deciding factor for publishing a Wikipedia page is the rigid criteria.

• Follow the Policies

Whether you’re creating your own page or for someone else, it’s crucial to stick to the policies and guidelines because they can make or break your goal of creating a Wikipedia page. Going against them can directly impact the publishing of your page. Besides that, the information you share is also significant.

• Avoid Fabricatinng Information

An online presence is a must in this modern era of technology. In such circumstances, individuals will often go the extra mile to establish a positive presence. In fact, sometimes they make the mistake of sharing incorrect or fabricated information on their Wiki page when drafting it.


If your information isn’t accurate or factual, Wikipedia will immediately reject it without a second consideration. Thus, it won’t be published. So, be extremely careful when gathering the info and adding it to the application. As long as you focus on these two main points, the chances of getting your Wiki page approved are high.


Creating a Wikipedia page for yourself can be an extensive task because one wrong move or fact could mean conveying the wrong info about you to the public. So, this can be damaging to your online visibility and presence.

That’s why don’t compromise on this and get the job done right. If you’re wondering how, we have the perfect solution for you—The Wiki Inc.


At The Wiki Inc, we have a professional team of Wikipedia writers offering exceptional services. All you need to do is reach out to us and we’ll create a Wiki page for you.

There’s no denying that Wikipedia is a powerful website that brings useful information to a wide audience from around the world. So, if you’re looking for a way to reach the audience to promote yourself, your business, etc., getting a Wikipedia page is an excellent way to do so.

Getting a Wiki page made for you can seem like a strange thing, but it’s not. There are various individuals that get professional help from companies or businesses offering Wikipedia page creation services. That’s simply because it helps save time. Plus, these professionals are experienced and put forwards their best work.

A common question individuals ask when making their Wikipedia page is what to add. Well, there are various templates available on Wikipedia that lay out the headings and what must be included.